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EZWhelp Fab Whelping System

We were asked by EZWhelp to review one of their new FAB Whelping boxes.  Our goal is to bring honest reviews based on buying and using the actual product, but since I don’t have any “expecting” dogs, I reached out to a reputable non-profit that raises and trains service dogs.  One of the people in their breeding program agreed to provide a review and in return EZWhelp gave this person a discount on the FAB system.

Overview of the FAB System Whelping Box:

Designed for professional breeders, the system is totally modular, expandable, and easy to clean, fold up, and store.  The box itself replaces the tried and true “kiddie swimming pool” that most breeders use for their litters.  Additional components can be purchased to add on to the system include an internal rail, add on room (for when the puppies can get out of the box, but you don’t want them running loose), even a corner seat, as well as other components.

Review by the breeder:

The FAB Whelping box and pen were very easy to set up.  I put the whole system together without looking at the instructions, except for the cloth sides, which did require guidance from the instructions.  The instructions themselves were easy to understand, and in large print, which was very helpful during the setup process.

We love the height of the pen for stepping over as opposed to using 2-3 foot tall puppy fences to contain the puppies.  There have been so many times where I’ve had my hands full, and been sleep deprived and nearly tripped and fell while stepping over the puppy fences.  Additionally, the FAB system is well-made with heavy gauge metal, so there’s no worry about puppies knocking over the pen, like there is with puppy fences or baby gates.

We appreciate the easy-to-open gate that only requires one hand to open and close.  While it is closed, it contains the puppies and mother, but it can be left open to allow entrance and exit of the mother, and the puppies when they are big enough to get out on their own.  The gate can be left open, and is designed so that once opened, a puppy can’t become trapped or stuck behind the gate.

We love how seamlessly the whelping pen and the additional pen go together.  We may purchase another pen to give us the ability to have an add on pen for the waste pads and additional play area.  We also like the weight and sturdiness of the corner seat, and will be ordering another seat since we can use it for shelves when we are in the pen to keep items we need out of their reach.

The whelping pads are of good quality (Editor note: please see our extensive review of the whelping pads when used as senior dog incontinence pads.  If they can withstand 60lb old huskies, then puppies will not be a problem)

Unlike a kiddie pool, the FAB simply lays flat for storage with just a pull of the long pin, which we LOVE.  We are looking into finding a Rubbermaid™ storage box that the system will fit into for storage and keep it dust and dirt free until the next use.  It would be nice if EZWhelp carried such a storage box in the future.

Overview of Review

The breeder’s only listed con was that a baby pool wouldn’t fit in the box structure, and she felt that it may be difficult for others to move away from the “tried and true” use of them.

The breeder is expecting a litter of puppies in a few weeks and plans on using only the EZWhelp FAB system for this litter and provide additional insight on her experiences.

This review will be updated once we get her feedback.

24 October 2016

The EZWhelp FAB box, now with puppies!