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Chris Christensen Brush Review

Ok, before I go into the review, I wanted to give everyone an idea of my history of brushes to prove that brushes are not created equally.

Fur control in a husky is vital to the sanity of the household. While vacuums and swiffers, and brushing won't keep husky fluff from becoming a condiment, or stuck to everything (including people), it does go a long way to keeping the fluff at a manageable level. Therefore, brushing will help in the long run... unless you have a 70lb, extremely fluffy, very headstrong husky that hates to be combed or brushed. Finding the right instrument is vital, as combing or brushing such a husky is a battle of wills and Olympic rated wrestling, not fun for pup nor human.

Finding a brush that will actually put a dent in the densely packed undercoat is a challenge. While the Furminator (see below) is a wonderful tool for getting out that deep down fluff, its not a day-to-day type of brush.

I also found that it makes the coat of a red husky very brittle if used too much. So, while good for getting out the undercoat during a coat blow, its not something you can use daily.

The Rake (pictured below) is also good for getting that deep down fluff, but at a price. Its sharp tines are not good for the sensitive underbelly fluff, it apparently gets irritating after a few strokes (based on the reaction from my pups) and generally, after a few uses, the dogs would run for cover and refuse to let me come near them with it.

The shedding blade (pictured below). Yeah, notice how the cover is still on this thing? That's because it was used only once (with nearly disastrous results) and never used again. The shedding blade has an actual blade in it, it cuts the hair. While the tines are good for getting deep down fluff, you don't want to use this on a daily basis (or at all if you try using it on mine), and you have to use it with care, as it can cut the dog or irritate the skin.

The next set of brushes are what I deem "the worthless wastes of money" brushes (pictured below).

The slicker brush fills up with fur on one swipe, so you are forever cleaning it out, plus the sharp tines irritate the skin and pull the fur. The pin brush on one side, regular brush on the other. the regular brush is worthless and the pin side has sharp pins that pull and stab. the other brush is a pin brush with regular brush bristles mixed in with the pins... so it fills up with fur, is impossible to clean out, and the pins poke the pups.  While the Kong "brush" is good for getting out the loose hairs, it doesn't get that deep down shed.

So, after all of that, when a friend told me about the Chris Christensen brushes I did what only came naturally... laughed hysterically. Sure a pin brush that not only gets through husky fur, but the dogs actually enjoy the brushing and its easy to clean the fur out of it. RIIIIGHT!.

Before I blew the money, I waited for others to get the brushes to see what they had to say. When they started raving about how wonderful the brush was, how their dogs loved being brushed now, how easy it was, quality, fantastic... I thought they were only saying these things to get me to buy one and try out, so I did, being the lemming that I am.

You know what... it is an amazing brush! (see below)

Pictured above is the 20mm Fusion Brass Oval brush from Chris Christensen systems.

Pricey, yes, but worth it? HECK YEAH!!!

I ordered mine online and received it quickly.

I tried it on Meeshka, who runs away whenever a brush of any kind is in my hand. I let her sniff it, the started brushing her back with it. At first she was squirmy, but then just stood there, eyes half closed. Hmm. I moved my brushing down toward her sensitive belly. I thought for sure this would be the deal breaker, but to my surprise, she actually allowed me to continue brushing and even spread her legs a bit so I could get all of her belly. DANG!

She then moved into the living room, and I thought that was it, she's telling me enough, but I followed her with the brush and watched her flop down and give me belly up. Are you kidding me? Yep, she wanted me to brush her belly while she lounged. Even got some itchy leg action going when the brush hit the itchy sweet spot.

All of the dogs love this brush. It gets the loose fur, its easy to clean and the added bonus of the brass fusion model is that it doesn't make the fur all static filled, so its very VERY easy to clean out with just one hand in a nice mound of fluff that doesn't stick to you.

This brush simply is amazing. The dogs like it, it gets the fur out, its easy to clean, and no static fur flying all over.

You can order online. Shipping is pretty fast.

I (and my dogs) give this brush 4 paws and highly recommend it!