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Triple Crown Collar

Kerry writes:

“I saw this collar at my local holistic pet food store. I was intrigued because it had a German Shepherd on the package, and the package said the plastic links were made of high-strength polymer. The store said I could return it if it didn’t work, so I decided to try it.

You are not supposed to slide the collar over the dog’s head, you are supposed to undo a link to put the collar on and take it off. That takes some practice, so practice doing this before you actually put the collar on your dog. It is trickier to undo a link, so make sure you can do this fairly easily. When removing the collar, it's easiest to unlink the end piece that says "Triple Crown"

The packaging refers to a website which has a lot of information about this product, including a free training video you can view online, information about properly fitting the collar, and product reviews.

Once you get the hang of fastening and unfastening the links, the collar is really great. It’s a nice alternative to metal collars. One major advantage over the metal prong collar is that the polymer links won’t bend and become worn and fatigued like the metal prongs. My Husky’s last prong collar lasted about a year before it just fell off of him. Thank goodness, we were inside at the time.”

Kerry Gives the Triple Crown Collar: