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Carpet Saver

Do you have a special needs dog and slippery floors?  Well, this item is for you.

Do you have a special needs dog with incontinence issues and slippery floors... well, this item MAY be for you.

CarpetSaver floor covering

While searching for a no-slip solution for our kitchen floors for our 14 year old spine issue, incontinence challenged mess of a Siberian Husky (Sam), I came upon this company.

They were saying all of the right things:  affordable, cut it to whatever size and shape you want with scissors, machine washable, non-slip, comfy, pets love it, no slipping, no adhesive, no nothing but put it down and there will be harmony and peace in your home (ok, I added that last part in).

I ordered a few feet of the 30 inch variety and then paced until it arrived, which didn't take long.

I was immediately concerned because it felt like an empty box, but there it was when I opened it.  Very light!  It's a very light microfiber with a sorta foamy underside to it.  From what their site says, the foamy backing creates a static bond with the floor and keeps it from moving around.

Ok, so I cut it to fit in the kitchen and then shuffled my feet to see if it moves.  It looks so flimsy, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it stuck like glue to the floor.

Ok, so then I retrieved the brokeback dog and forced him to walk on it.  I was concerned that it was so thin that he couldn't get traction on it or feel slippery to him.

Nope, he trotted on it to get to his bowl (that had a goody in it for a reward).  Sam had no problem navigating on the carpet saver.  He turned around on it, stomped on it, sauntered over it and it didn't move.

This stuff is fabulous for dogs in general, dogs with special needs that need a little something to keep them from slipping... but now the downside.

The Web site says it is absorbent.  Yes it is... but it isn't going to keep accidents from soaking into your floors.  We found that out almost immediately after the test when Sam had an accident on it.  Soaks right through.  Sigh.

Good news is, they are machine washable!  DON'T use fabric softener in the wash cycle.  Remember, the little foamy lining keeps it stuck to the floor, so you'll defeat its magical powers if you use fabric softener.  DON'T use dryer sheets.  Once again, you'll thwart its magical powers.  But you can dry it on a low setting, or just hang it up to dry (doesn't take very long, but if your definition of long is a day, then it takes long).

So, this is a HUGE HIGHLY recommend for people with special needs dogs (or just any dog) who need a no-slip floor cover for slippery floors.  They would be great to give your dogs a firm footing, but probably cut down on tracking in dirt and mud, with the added bonus of being able to toss it in the washer and quickly wash and dry.

For dog owners that have incontinence issues, it would still be a great thing to have if used in conjunction with the EZWhelp Washable Welping Pads.  Most incontinence or whelping pads have a backing that won't allow the fluids to leak through, but that also makes them slippery.  The EZWhelp pads have a backing that would be slippery on slick floors, but don't slide around when you put them on top of the CarpetSaver covers.  Instead of buying expensive rugs or runners that may be washable, but weigh a ton, take forever to dry, you can just use the CarpetSaver and the EZWhelp pads and throw them all in the washer and dryer at the same time if anything leaks through or they miss the pee pad.

Update: And, the owner of the company reached out to me and thanked me for my review.  His father created the product in the 80's.  Andy has a senior Lab, and is fostering an emaciated Pit Bill for his local shelter, so they're really nice people, use their own product to help their pets get around without slipping and they make a great product!

Lightweight, simple, easy to cut if needed, machine washable and dry, we give the CarpetSaver 4 paws!

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