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Dyson DC07 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

How much do I love the Dyson DC07 Animal? Let me count the ways.

About 4 years ago, while vacuuming with our Hoover bagless top of the line model, which was a few years old, we noticed just how much dust settled on our furniture, and to our horror, if we smacked the carpet with our hands, they came away gritty and dirty, and dust flew in the air. All this time we though the Hoover was a pretty good vacuum, but apparently not so much.

We had heard other pet owners raving about the Dyson, and finally around Christmas-time we girded our loins and checkbook and bought the DC07 Animal.

When we got it home, we actually marked up a square spot and spent a good 10 minutes vacuuming that spot with the Hoover. Confident that the Dyson was just a bunch of hype, we fired that thing up and vacuumed and was HORRIFIED at the amount of sand, grit, dog hair, dust, dander and who knows what that thing picked up in the same square we had just vacuumed with the Hoover. TWO canisters full of crud came up.

The Dyson is everything the ads say it is. The attachments actually work very well and the vacuum has the same mind-blowing amount of suction going through the hose as it does when vacuuming normally. Using the crevice tool to get under the couch, it picked up chew bones and wouldn’t release them without yanking on them, and you don’t even want to know what we got out of under or stove.

The tube on the attachment wand is easy to use and reaches all the way up the stairs without having to cart the whole vacuum up. Once again, the suction is fantastic. The Animal version comes with a stair rotary brush tool that actually works great, a bare tool attachment that works great... everything works great on the Dyson.

One of the added bonuses of the Dyson is that it doesn’t spew out hot, dusty exhaust when you are vacuuming like most vacuums. Its is a bit heavy and clunky, and there’s no light on it for those who like to vacuum in the dark, but when it comes to picking up dirt and husky fur, its uncloggable.

They’ve added more tools that you can buy and I recommend the dusting tool and the flexible crevice tool, very nice for getting behind fridges and around corners.

After 4 years, my hose broke, but I was able to order another and with quick shipping, I was able to snap the old one out and replace it with the newer sturdier hose and back in business we went. The filter is great, no replacing it, just rinse it out in cold water and let dry, which takes about a day or two. Most Dysons are now sold with two filters, so you can use one while the other dries.

Once in a while its a good thing to check the brush bar, because the fur can get collected there, so a quick cleaning on that is all it takes. Its never clogged on fur, no matter how big of a pile I run over, its easy to clean and emptying the canister is a snap, just pull a trigger with the canister aimed over the trash and the fluff and gunk just falls into the trash can.

For a husky owner, the Dyson is a MUST HAVE item to keep the fur piles in check.

Pricey? At $500 it isn't a drop in the bucket, but ours has cleaned continuously for over 4 years now with only having to replace a hose. Our other vacuums have cost about $200 and have only lasted 1-2 years, and as we saw, really didn't have the pick up power as the Dyson.



Holly said...

Mom and dad love our Dyson! Mom complained a LOT about wanting one, and after the Dirt Devil bit the dust after only 6 months, dad was finally convinced to get one. It works great on Sibe/Malamute fur. Only problem we have is the Samoyed fur, because it is long, gets wrapped around the roller so it has to be pulled off every time we dump the canister.

So, I would definitely reccomend it for any pet owner, but long haired breeds might need a bit of roller cleaning more often.

I give it 3 1/2 claws

cyber-sibes said...

We don't have a Dyson, but when Kirby dies, that's what we'll make the bipeds buy us. Of course, till our recent move to the Island, we lived outdoors, and didn't track so much stuff inside. But now we are spoiled indoor-outdoor doggies, and love to bring things in with us to make it more homey.

We'll keep checking back for your husky-approved reccommendations!

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Miller said...

This sounds like a great vacuum. I will keep this in mind when I need a new one.

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