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Fur Fighter

There's one thing that Northern Breed owners know, and that's FUR! Its everywhere and can overtake a house, ruin a business outfit, and fly freely throughout a vehicle if left to collect, and typically, "collect" means one day without vacuuming.

Northern Breed owners keep sticky rollers in cars, work desk drawers, at home, and some carry them in their bags. No matter how carefully you vacuum or clean... its always there. So when I, and several other Northern Breed owners saw the ad for the new Scotch Fur Fighter, that promised "amazing results... removes EMBEDDED pet hair!" we all laughed hysterically.

The Scotch Fur Fighter claims
  • to pick up over 3 times more pet hair than a lint roller.
  • remove embedded pet hair that vacuum cleaners leave behind
We laughed some more, then went out and bought one using the $4.00 off coupon I found online.

The first test was performed in the back of a 2003 Toyota 4-runner. The upholstery in the back of a 4-runner seems to capture Northern Breed (Siberian Husky) guard hairs and weave them tightly in the fabric. No amount of vacuuming, scrubbing, or scraping has removed these guard hairs, so that seemed to be the perfect test for a product that claims to remove embedded pet hair with amazing results.

The product had a sheet already on it, so using the instructions that simply state: "brush over furniture in any direction to pick up pet hair" I did just that... it picked up NOTHING. It did deposit some of its yellow bristley things on the truck upholstery though. I scrubbed a bit harder, then scrubbed lightly with the same results: it mainly brushed the guard hairs into a nice uniform line, but did NOT remove the embedded hair.

Since it was hot out, I gave up on the truck and brought the product into the house and tried it on a blanket that we had on the bed. Please note that this blanket had been washed the night before, so it only contained a small amount of Siberian Husky fur (about 5 lbs).

Once again, I brushed the product over the blanket and it did pick up quite a bit of fur, but after brushing over a 8x11 sized area a few times, it became clogged with fluff and merely pushed the rest of the fur around into a clump.

As a joke, I put a new sheet on and brushed one stair with it that had collected about a week's worth of husky fluff. It filled up on the first stroke, then clumped the fur into a bundle.

I found the Fur Fighter less effective than a regular adhesive lint brush, and the price of the sheets would drive me into the poor house in no time.

In comparison to a lint brush:
Costco pack of 5 lint brushes, 400 sheet total: $8.89
Fur Fighter refill sheet pack, 8 refill sheets (equivalent to 24 lint roller sheets) $4.99
This price doesn't include the initial Fur Fighter tool kit for $9.99, which comes with 5 sheets.

Save your money and keep buying lint rollers.

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