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Wash 'n Zip Pet Bed *UPDATED*

Updated on 5/25/15 NEW Comfort Cushion and NEW Fabrics and caution about drying Comfort Cushion!!!

Just throw your pet beds away and go buy the Wash'n Zip Pet Bed!

Our professional model: Meeshka

Yes, yes, I know, you clicked on the link, saw the price and thought "Holy Mother of all Holies, do you think we're made of money???"

No, I don't think you are made of money (but if you are, come on over to my house, I'll make you dinner), but I also know that you've probably gone through a LOT of dog beds and they aren't cheap.

Look at the prices of regular beds (click here for a search on Amazon of "Dog Bed")

Most dog beds are made out of fabric and foam rubber.  They say they are "washable", but that usually means that you take the cover off and wash it, but if there's an accident, that stuff is going to leak into the foam rubber stuff and there's nothing you can do about it.  NOTHING!!!  You are stuck with a stinky foam rubber bed that reeks to high heaven and the only solution is to throw it out and buy another bed.  By the way, if you are all smarty pants and say "yeah, but I can buy foam rubber and cut it to fit inside the cover", I say to you:  Have you priced foam rubber lately?  It's the price of the dog bed, that's why dog beds are so expensive!!!!  Derp.

Anyway, when the Wash'n Zip people say it's washable, they mean THE ENTIRE BED!  This bed is genius!

Not only can it be a dog bed, but it can be a furniture cover, or a car seat cover, or it can be a blanket for your dog (also a hat, a brooch, a pterodactyl)  It does everything except clean itself!

I was skeptical (having been screwed over by a zillion "washable" dog beds, but had friends that tried them and raved about them, and when I got it I thought "the dogs will hate it"

They don't hate it, they love it.  Meeshka loves it and she hates everything!


What is it?  It's pretty much a really thick quilt with a zipper all the way around it.  You can unzip it into a blanket and use it for a couch cover, or a car seat cover, or a dog bed blanket.  You can even cover up an orthopedic dog bed with it.  That way if there's an accident, just throw the Wash'n Zip in the washer.

Unzipped and covering an orthopedic bed
I'm not going to vouch that the liquid won't soak through to the foam, but the fabric is pretty heavy so it probably won't.

Update: If your dog is a 60lb Siberian Husky who is deathly afraid of thunder and stores up 50 gallons of pee rather than go outside during a storm and instead piddles Lake Erie on the Wash'nZip Pet Bed and you don't notice for a while, then yes, it will soak through a little, but it also did an amazing job of absorbing a lot of it.

I have the large, so it just folds in half, zip it up and cushy dog bed:

It isn't zipped in this picture because I'm too lazy to zip it

You can zip it so one side is the fleecy side or one side is fabric:

fleeeeeeeeeecy side

Some people have asked "um, it looks a bit flat, how can that be comfy"  Well, it is a bit flat, but it's very comfy the way it was, but if you are looking for something a bit more fluffier for dogs with creaky bones, they now carry the Wash'n Zip Comfort Cushion!  It's like the perfect pillow insert!

This little gem fits right inside the large (there's also an extra large) Wash'n Zip bed and IT'S WASHABLE!!!!  So no more buying and cutting foam, or putting other things in there to make it more comfy, this cushion does the trick!  I initially thought that the cushion would be too thick and make the bed bulgy, but it's JUST RIGHT!

Yes, this IS comfy, I really REALLY like this

About that throwing it into the washer thing, you just unzip it and throw it (and the comfort cushion) into the washer and then the dryer!  That's it.  The large bed (and large comfort cushion) fits in a regular washing machine with plenty of room left.  No more washing the cover, drying the cover, finding out the cover shrank then trying to shove that stinky nasty foam back into the now too small cover!

UPDATE: Dry the Comfort Cushion on low or no heat.  Stan and Jen are working on getting a fabric that's more sturdy, the current fabric cover will degrade in heat!!

Large bed with comfort cushion in a Whirlpool Duet dries just fine

If it gets muddy, toss it in the washer.  Peed on?  Throw it in the washer.  Poo?  Washer.  Reeks?  Washer.  So simple, so easy, one time expense.

There is also a new fabric!  You can choose between Pearl Gray (shown below with Comfort Cushion inside) or Chocolate Brown.

The Pearl Gray and Chocolate Brown are a velour-like fabric, which I thought would be the perfect material to collect 50 pounds of husky fur, but amazingly enough, it doesn't!  I also had my doubts about how it would hold up to stains.  

Full disclosure, the wonderful people of Wash'n Zip sent me the Pearl Gray large bed and Comfort Cushion to test out.  They certainly knew a good place to test it was the home of fur-laden, bodily function issue Siberian Huskies, and that would be my house.

It didn't take long for it to receive a christening of various bodily fluids and it sailed through its maiden washing without a hitch and no stains.  The Comfort Cushion even seemed to be a bit more fluffier afterwards.

Yes, it certainly seems fluffier to me!
You may be asking: yeah, but how many times can you wash it before it starts to fall apart?

Well, I've had mine (I have two, one is the emergency spare in case there's a spillage at night and I can't wash it) for... geez... nearly forever now, and I've washed them both about a bazillion times because I have "special needs" dogs that have "issues"of the peeing a lot variety, and Meeshka's bed is a prime target.  It's been puked on, peed on, pooped on, had coffee spilled on it, was used as a towel when the dogs got washed (they rubbed their wet husky bodies on it), in the washer it goes, comes out perfect.  No fraying, no zipper issues, and oddly enough, no stains.  Kinda wish my clothes were made of this fabric.  I've had the new fabric version for just short of a month, it's only needed one wash so far and it came through the wash cycle like new.

Need another excuse to get one?  The company donates a portion of their proceeds to animal causes! Check out their site to find out which place gets the donation because they rotate places.  I KNOW!!!  Isn't that cool!?!  Plus they are super fabulous people to deal with.  Very quick shipping and they back their product 158%.  They've also recently updated their entire Web site, so it's even easier to navigate, order, and find things.  The new site is beautiful and the online shop is very user friendly!

Go watch the video, friend them on Facebook (they're very nice), and for heaven's sake get one of their beds because it will truly be the LAST pet bed you ever buy... seriously!

You may have a new problem, and that is who gets to sleep on it
Excuse me, I'm sleeping here.

We give this fantastic bed 4 paws up!!!


The Army of Four said...

We had to get one, since you have one. Then we bought another one. Then we bought another one after that. Needless to say, we also LOVE these beds. And we always get an email from the owner of the company afterwards - so you KNOW they appreciate your business! Ours have been washed a billion times and still look like new! We agree - they are GREAT beds!
Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher

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Julia Gavilanes said...

I personally really love this bed too! Not only is an animal's nutrition important but so is their hygiene. :) No more wasting money on horrible pet beds that you’re just going to keep throwing away. Time for a great change! A change that saves us money and keeps us ecofriendly~ Anyway, you did a fantastic job with this review! For anyone wanting a bed, there is now a coupon code for free US shipping! Also, there's a Yelp page now so feel free to include your wonderful comments on there if you'd like. I'm sure everyone would love to see your reviews and wonderful pictures! It's a BIG help for people interested in trying this out for their furbabies.

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Anonymous said...

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