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EZWhelp Washable Whelping Pads

Everybody knows (or should know) that most incontinence pads are "pee proof" because the bottom lining is made from a plastic or plastic-like material to keep the pee from soaking through onto the carpet or floor.

What happens when you put such a material on the floor (carpet, wood, vinyl, tile) and step on it?

Yep, been there, done that, not fun.

So what do you do?

We have a store bought brand of washable incontinence pads with the very slippery backing and while they hold a LOT of pee and don't leak, the dogs refuse to walk on them (defeating the entire purpose of them) because they slide all over the place.

Well, you need to go buy the EZWhelp Washable Whelping pads!

They come in a variety of sizes for whatever size you need, are reasonably priced, and the best news:  they aren't very slippery!

The backing is made with a felt-like material that keeps it from being a launchpad on most surfaces while keeping your floors dry no matter what size the accident is.

They still have a slippery tendency on tile and probably wood floors, which is why I'm recommending that for use on tile, wood, and vinyl flooring that they be used with the CarpetSaver floor covering.  To read the review of the CarpetSaver, go here.

When they've been used, you simply throw it in the washer (I use the quick wash cycle, no fabric softener) and in the dryer to dry (no fabric softener sheets) and they're ready for the next use.  Remember: fabric softener and dryer sheets affect how fabrics absorb liquid, so don't use them.

I have found that the pee pads with the plastic backing tends to "contain" the spill, not absorb it, so there have been times when I've lifted them and the liquids drips out of them.  That doesn't happen with the EZWhelp because all liquid is absorbed into the fabric.

I have quite a few of them, some to have on the floor, some to have as spares, and those that are in the washing cycle.  Inexpensive, easy for your dog to walk on without slipping, and absorbent.

Another use for them is to slip them inside your dog bed covers, or even on top of them.  The EZwhelp pads are very soft, almost like a blanket.  If your dog has accidents on its bed, you know all too well what that does to the bed foam underneath the cover.  Sure you can wash the cover, but what do you do to clean that foam?  Slipping an EZwhelp pad between the foam and the cover keeps the urine (or other icky fluids) from soaking into that foam.  When you remove the cover to wash it, you remove the EZwhelp pad as well and wash them both.  No more stinky foam!  If your dog will accept the bed with an EZwhelp pad on top, even better, just put the soiled pad in the wash and put another on the dog bed.

For the sake of my sanity, laundry, floors and carpeting, I give the EZWhelp Washable Whelping Pads a four paws up must have!!!

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