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Champion Canine Seatbelt System

Update: Apparently several customers have not received their orders and the company is not responding to their e-mails or phone calls. While they have one of the best products out there as far as safety restraints for dogs, we do NOT recommend them at this time. Hopefully they will either get their act together soon, or another company will start making a quality product that we can recommend.

Everyone should know that letting their husky run loose in a vehicle is not only dangerous, but getting them out of the vehicle is also an opportunity for escape.

I know some people who put crates in their vehicles to safely contain their huskies during travel, but with three, we just didn't have room for three crates, and we weren't going to buy a HUGE SUV to have enough room, so we looked for alternatives to crating.

We found a highly recommended company called Champion Canine Designs and their Champion Canine Seatbelts.

I will admit to you right now that their customer service SUCKS! I waited months for my order, and had to pester the company on an almost daily basis after a month before I got my order, but it was worth the wait and aggravation.

We purchased the following:
Champion Canine Seatbelt system
Survivor Big Dog Leads w/Commander Grab Handle and Bull Snap

The Harness
The harness is really thought out well, and is very adjustable. The Web site shows you how to measure your dog to get the right fit, but we purchased larges for all of our dogs (at the time ranging from 40lbs to 65lbs) and the large was so adjustable that it fit all of them just fine.

The harness has padding on the front (to cushion the dog in case it gets thrown forward in an accident) and fits securely but is comfortable for the dogs. Ours wore theirs for 24 hours during Tropical Storm Isabel (in case we had to quickly evacuate our house) and had no problem sleeping and walking around with them on.

The harness has two snaps on the back to secure it, and the back snap has a double D ring where the leash attaches. WARNING: if you don't get one of their leashes, you will have a hard time finding a leash in a pet store that will clip onto the double D rings.

Restraint Strap
The restraint strap can say in your vehicle at all times if you wish. It consists of a locking ring that can be connected to an SUV ring or simply snap your seatbelt on and connect it to the seatbelt. It can be adjusted to allow your dog to sit, stand, or move around a little depending on how much mobility you want to give them. It connects to the harness' double D rings with a bullsnap connector, and that thing is very sturdy and husky escape proof.

The leash is a bit shorter than what we are use to, but allows you to have complete control of your dog at all times. The loop near the clasp allows you to get even more control if you need to rein in an exuberant husky and keep them close. The leash also has the bullsnap connector, which you have to pull out instead of push in and is virtually husky escape proof.

How it Works
You put the harness on your husky, attach the leash and walk them out to your vehicle where the restraint strap is already in your car and ready. Once the dog is in the vehicle, you simply use the restraint bullsnap to connect the restraint system to the harness. You can either leave the leash on, or take it off, but at no time is your husky off leash.

When its time to get out of the vehicle, simply open the door, as your husky is secured inside the vehicle, attach the leash (if you took it off) unhook them from the restraint strap and you are on your way, and at no time is your husky off leash and able to escape.

If you want to attach your husky's tags to the harness on the D ring, you won't be able to use the standard tag rings that usually come with tags. Go to a home improvement store and find a larger key ring and use that to attach the tags to the D ring.

If probably adjusted, your husky shouldn't be able to back out of this harness. Loki did manage to back out of his while in our SUV, but the front part had not been adjusted properly. After adjustment, he tried, but couldn't back out of it again.

Customer service sucks, but its worth the wait for this product. Well thought out, made for a dog, and it works fantastic giving a husky owner peace of mind while traveling, or just out taking a walk.



Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

My hu-mom surely hopes it is - we've been waiting since the middle of July - of 2007 - for ours!

She's even informed the plastikh khard people about it - they are working on it too -

The supplier has NEVER EVER even ONCE returned a message she left them -

We need to khlaw them - THAT is just toooo humanly rude -

If we ever get mine, I'll make sure we DO review it!


Anonymous said...

I think that we were the rare ones who ordered on on 7/8/07, it was shipped on 7/21/07, and we received within a week of it shipping. Weird huh since most people say they wait 3-6 months for theirs (which is what we heard before ordering). Now that it is here, I wish I had ordered the leash, but I did get the car seat system, so at least we are enjoying that!!!

Hugs -
Shelli (oh, Sitka and Tia too).

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

We ordered ours in the middle of September and have been charged for it, but so far, the harnesses haven't showed up. I've emailed them, but I guess I better get calling...

Steve and Kat's mom

Maddox said...

Also, for those of us with puppies still growing I really like the puppy package. I want to get these also--for those with puppies, they have a deal where you buy his eventual size harness, and then they will sell the smaller size for now for half the price.

Anne said...

It took us 6 months, I think, to get our seatbelt system. Ordered in Dec 06, started emailing in March, changed to phoning end of April and rec'd it in June.
TIP - when you phone and the message comes on (he never answers, I found), listen to ALL the instructions and then send your message HIGH PRIORITY. That worked for me.

Now, I got my brother to order the seatbelt system for his rottie and he rec'd the harness 3 months later but to date has not rec'd the strap for the vehicle despite many emails and phone calls.

As stated - the customer service SUCKS BIG TIME!!!! but we lOVE the seatbelt system.

Anne Melrose

Denise in IL said...

I also ordered on July 10, 2007 and have not received any product. The company does not respond to phone calls or e-mails. My check was cashed in July also. After reading your comments, I am hopeful it MAY still arrive!

patiently waiting,
Denise in IL

IndyPindy said...

My mom just ordered the Champion Canine Seatbelt System and the Universal Lead Adaptor yesterday. She says I get to wiggly and fidgety in the car. Thank a lot, Meeshka's human woman!

Niles508 said...

Do NOT -- I repeat -- DO NOT order from this so-called company. They do not respond to emails, nor to phone calls. Phone calls are only accepted into a voicemail system.

I ordered 3 Champion Canine Seatbelt systems. I rec'd 1. The other 2 were supposed to ship within a week. After 5 weeks, I emailed them. No response. Emailed again. No response. Called them. Can only leave a voicemail. No response. Finally after 7 weeks or so, I got an email saying the product was ready to ship within 2 days, and I would recieve an email confirming shipment. I got no email, no product. So, I emailed again, asking them to ship it or cancel the order. They did respond (suprisingly) to the email, and cancelled the order. No apology, no explanation. (The website is USAk9outfitters.com)

I looked for other distributors, and found that the phone numbers given were either disconnected, or the message said "mailbox full". Not a good sign.

They advertise that Toyota distributes their system. If this ever was true, it is NOT TRUE now. Toyota distributes Ruffrider Roadie pet restraint system.

So, I believe the Champion company is essentially OUT OF BUSINESS. Don't waste your time or $ on them. You , most importantly, want to protect your dog. So order from a company that will ship the product and get your dog protected ASAP. After my head-on collision, we started thinking about what would have happened if I had our dogs with me in the car. They all would have been dead, for certain. The car was totalled. I had a seatbelt and survived (obviously). We always wear seatbelts and make passengers wear them. Started me thinking about pooch safety -- which I hadn't really thought about before. Now we always use the one restraint that we did get for our biggest dog. I will be ordering the Roadie system for the other two as soon as finish writing here.

KeepingAwake said...

I don't have a husky. I have a 45 pound mixed breed.

But I DID order a Champion reflective leash and collar set from usak9outfitters.com, who now sell Champion products, including their great seat belt/restraint system.

I had to call (on a Saturday) to customize my order. My dog has a small neck relative to her weight and ability to pull, so I needed the stronger collar in a smaller size. Sarah, who answered my call, answered all my questions, called me back as soon as my online order went through to her, customized my collar, and didn't charge anything extra to do it. She also followed up when she knew I should have received my items!

The usak9outfitters.com website is a bit clunky, but their service was wonderful. The reflective collar and leash are wonderful and very well-made.

If you are looking for Champion products, try getting them from this site instead.

KeepingAwake said...

Should have added that the order was placed on 11/22/2008 and received on 11/26/2008.

Abby the greyhound said...

I was worried about the USAK9outfitter's service when i read people's review. But I must say that they have CHANGED FOR THE BETTER!

1. They are very responsive. My phone calls and emails have always been returned within 24 hours.

2. I have to exchange my large-size system to a medium size one. The costumer service person (Susie Hawkins) has been very helpful. She is also prompt in her service.

Their seat belt system is very solid--a lot better than the brands sold in our local stores. With their service improved so wonderfully, I'd recommend dog-lovers to order their product!


fosterdogblog said...

DO NOT ORDER FROM CanineAuto.com!! I heard great things about this seatbelt and placed an order with them on April 9. 2 weeks later, no confirmation of shipment, no replies to my email, no replies to the 2 voicemails I left. I am canceling that order today and filing a chargeback with my cc if it's been charged.

I did, however, just call up usak9outfitters.com. I was surprised an actual live person picked up the phone. I placed my order by phone and supposedly it will ship tomorrow.

Every website I've seen that carries this seatbelt looks almost identical. They all have a 303 area code phone # too, though the listed #'s are all different, so I am not sure if they are related. However, with the number of people who have complained about not getting their orders (and there have been many on other sites), I would highly recommend calling an order in by phone rather than buying online. That way you'll know in advance what kind of customer service you're dealing with!

EtherealJane said...

Just an FYI, there are three "companies" that have this seatbelt system for sale on their websites. ChampK-9.com, canineauto.com, and usak9outfitters.com. The websites look very similar, and while they all seem to be located in the same general areas, the customer service is VASTLY different. DO NOT order from ChampK-9 or CanineAuto. I made the mistake of ordering from ChampK-9 on May 29. I got a conformation e-mail, but 2.5 months later, I've not recieved the product, any follow up, nor any answers to my e-mails or phone calls. After doing a bit of investigating, I found out that usaK9outfitters sells the same system but actually has a live person to answer the phone and has a decent customer service track record. I placed my new order with them today.

ABC123 said...

usak9outfitters.com is about the same way. I have orderd the Survivor Big Dog Seat Belt System XX Large & SVL_Survivor Big Dog Lead. I got the Do harness but after three phone calls and two emails I have yet to recive the missing items. I have to report this as fraud to my credit card co.