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Bissell Little Green Steam Machine

Yet another item that a husky owner shouldn’t be without, the Little Green Steam Machine is heaven sent.

We’ve gone through a myriad of spot remover steam cleaners in the past. They either didn’t do the job or died horrible fur-laden deaths quickly. We were VERY unimpressed with one of the older Dirt Devil products, and felt that if we threw a bucket of water on the floor and soaked it up with a towel, that would work better than the Dirt Devil.

Having owned one of the original Little Green machines and being impressed with its simplicity and sucking ability, when it died we immediately went out and got another one. The newer ones are easier to clean out and easier to use, along with some pretty good tools, but we mainly just use the one brush attachment and it works just fine to get out that deep down yuck that sometimes occurs with huskies (horka, a diarrhea incident, etc.)

There are two versions of the Little Green, and both work equally well, but we do recommend the unit that includes the water heating feature, as it seems to clean a lot better.

Very simple to add the cleaner and water, and dumping out the icky water is also very easy, simply lift the lock and pull out. There can be some residual gunk if the gunk water container isn’t seated properly, but its easy to reach and clean out after use.

I would even venture to say that it cleans spots and sucks water up better than regular large steam cleaners, mainly because you can really press down hard and make sure the spot is removed, and also make sure the water is sucked up.

Although our model came with the turbo brush, we pretty much threw that one away, because if you press down hard enough to get into the fibers, the brush stops rotating and its worthless. We just use the regular brush that comes with it and it works great. Another downside to the turbo brush is that invariably it’ll get clogged with fur and stop rotating, so you spend more time cleaning out the brush so it’ll turn than actually cleaning, so dump the rotating brush and just go for the regular wand attachment.

The wand also allows you to spray on a good soaking amount of solution and water onto a deep down spot, where you can let it sit for a bit, then suck up all the water.

Lightweight, easy to carry, and it comes with a very long cord so you can reach spots where you might not have a plug.

We give the Bissell Little Green Steam Machine:

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Julie Hibbard said...

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