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Timbuk2 Bags

Hi, this is Indy’s mom. I am writing to share with other Sibe owners how great Timbuk2 bags are. They have several different styles to choose from like messenger bags, totes, backpacks and laptop bags, and each style has colors to choose from. There are even a couple of bags that you can completely customize. There is even one that is blank that you can decorate yourself. You can also check out how other artists have decorated their bags.

Timbuk2 bags are sturdy, stylish, and there are a range of prices. But my favorite feature is that HUSKY HAIR DOESN’T STICK TO THEM! (Note: this claim does not apply to the waxed canvas or wool bags). They are easy to keep clean, and you can buy cool accessories, like the
strap pad, which makes carrying your Timbuk2 bag SO comfortable, and it won’t slip off of your shoulder! There are also cell phone holders and accessory cases. I love my Timbuk2 messenger bag. It’s so sturdy and easy to keep clean, I never worry about getting it dirty or bumping it against things.

I give Timbuk2 bags four claws!